Can Just Anyone Buy A Garbage Truck? And Other Curious Questions Answered

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Garbage trucks are hardly something you think about when you are sleeping cozily in your bed and your garbage is collected by the city's or township's refuse department. Yet, when all is said and done, you may wonder what happens to old garbage trucks when the city/township buys new ones. Can anyone just buy their own garbage truck? These slightly off-the-wall questions and their answers in regards to these vehicles are as follows. 

Yes, Anyone Can Buy a Garbage Truck

A garbage truck is a vehicle like any other. They are for sale and manufactured just like other commercial vehicles, and if you have the money, you can peruse garbage truck sales just as much as the head of a local refuse collection department. Why you as an individual would want to buy and own a garbage truck is another thing altogether, but you can buy one.

Older Trucks Are Decommissioned and Sold

Usually what happens to older garbage trucks that a city does not want to use anymore is that the old trucks are decommissioned and sold. Buyers are often automotive parts sellers or smaller cities that cannot afford brand new garbage trucks and can get along with second-hand trucks for a while. Old trucks can be repainted and restored prior to sale, but that is up to the dealer and the people looking to buy used garbage trucks. 

Yes, a Commercial License Is Required

If you are going to drive a garbage truck, you need a commercial driver's license. That is because these trucks are still considered a commercial vehicle, even if they are bought by individual persons instead of by different communities. Furthermore, if you are going to buy used garbage trucks to create a fleet for an independent commercial waste and recycling collection service, all of your drivers and operators have to have commercial licenses, too. 

Companies Most Commonly Buying Old Garbage Trucks

Usually, the companies or businesses that most commonly buy one or more used garbage trucks are those that are starting up a waste/recycling/junk removal service. A close second is construction companies who want to address the amount of trash they frequently have when constructing new homes or new buildings. Uses in these businesses are not and do not limit to what a garbage truck may be used for, but it certainly reveals who is buying up the most used and old garbage trucks. 


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