A Couple Of Tire Maintenance Necessities

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The tires on  your vehicles are one of the most important parts of the vehicle and yet many people either take them for granted or basically ignore them until they go flat for one reason or another. Good tires allow for better traction and also allow the tires to turn easier and evenly. This means the driver can maneuver the vehicle more easily which is important for the safety of anyone inside and other drivers, pedestrians, or private property. 

In addition to safety, good tires keep the vehicle moving the way and direction it should while using less gas than a car with bad tires. Bad tires mean the engine has to work harder to move the auto forward at the desired speed. Bad tires can also cause the vehicle to shudder and shake, loosening small parts that will end up either cause the vehicle to run poorly or to sling around inside and damage other parts. 

To keep your gas mileage up, repairs of other parts down, and to keep everyone safe, you need to properly maintain your tires. Here are a few ways to ensure they stay in great shape.

Tire Pressure

The air temperature has a direct effect on tire pressure. As the mercury climbs, air molecules get larger. This may cause the tire to be over-inflated. If a tire is weak, or if you hit a curb or run over a rock, the tire could blow because it is too full and tight. Of course, in the winter or cold weather, the opposite happens and the tires are not full enough. Your car will move slower  without increasing pressure on the gas pedal and it will be harder to control. Check the air pressure in the tires regularly, especially when there has been a change in the weather and temperature.


A car's tires should not be perfectly straight and perpendicular to the road. However, they need to be aligned so they work perfectly together. When the tires are misaligned, your car may pull to one side, it may vibrate as the wheels shake a bit, and the tires will wear down unevenly, making matters worse. Have the alignment checked and fixed regularly to avoid the need for new tires.

When you buy tires, you are given an estimate on how many miles they should be able to travel before needing to be replaced. However, this mileage only holds true when you take care of them. Do yourself a favor and take care of your tires so they can take care of you. Keep these facts in mind next time you schedule some tire maintenance.

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