Repairing Your Car's Collision Damage

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A car owner can find themselves needing to have the car's exterior repaired after a collision occurs. Unfortunately, collision repair may be a topic that you know little about, which can make it harder to effective repair and restore the vehicle following these damages.

Can Your Auto Glass Suffer Damage From Minor Body Impacts?

It is important to appreciate that your car's auto glass can also suffer damage from minor impacts. In fact, this may not even be readily noticeable at first, but it can grow in severity over time. For example, this may occur as a result of the frame for the glass being warped by the body damage. This can put increased pressure on the glass, which can increase the risk of failure occurring. Eventually, a car owner may find that their auto glass has suddenly cracked or shattered. Having the body damage repaired and ensuring the frame for the glass is properly aligned will be necessary for keeping your auto glass from suffering these secondary damages or problems.

Will You Need To Have The Entire Car Painted Following Auto Body Repairs?

When the body of your car suffers collision damage, it can be common for the paint to suffer extensive damage that could ruin its appearance and lead to body corrosion. In situations where the car's paint has suffered damage, you may be able to have it patched without the need to fully repaint the exterior of the car. Car owners may be concerned that the patch will not match the rest of the paint on the car's exterior. However, a skilled collision repair professional will be able to mix the right colors so that the patch will seamlessly match the rest of the exterior.

Are All Minor Dents Repaired The Same Way?

Minor dents can be among the most common damages that will result following an auto collision. Car owners may assume that these damages will always be repaired by applying a body filler to the damaged section of the exterior. However, paintless dent repair is another effective option that can be used to repair minor dents and damages. During this process, the collision repair technician will use a device that can actually pull the dent out of the body of the vehicle. This can avoid the need for body filler or the painting that the body filler will require. An evaluation will be needed to assess whether this is an option for your car's collision damage as it may not be suitable for dents that are especially deep or that structurally damaged the exterior body. 

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